Gas fittings

Hycal Mk4 devices contain an internal gas cylinder which may be filled to a maximum pressure of 125 bar. Depending on the type of gas being filled (typically argon, nitrogen or a reference gas mixture containing hydrogen) there are a number of options to adapt the high pressure refilling accessory to the gas cylinder.    

Hycal refilling accessory



Hycal refilling accessory

Cylinder / Bottle connectors

Part No. RegionGasStandard
GEC.GAS.ADP.190UKNitrogenBS341 No.3
GEC.GAS.ADP.191UKHydrogen BS341 No.4
GEC.GAS.ADP.192USANitrogen CGA580
GEC.GAS.ADP.193USAHydrogen CGA350
GEC.GAS.ADP.194JapanHydrogen JIS 22-R
GEC.GAS.ADP.195EuropeHydrogen DIN477 No.1
GEC.GAS.ADP.196EuropeNitrogenDIN477 No.6
GEC.GAS.ADP.197RussiaOxygenDIN477 No.9
GEC.GAS.ADP.198EuropeArgonDIN477 No.10
GEC.GAS.ADP.199AustraliaHydrogen AS2473 Type 20

BS341 British Standard Cylinder Connectors

BS341 No.3


G5/8″ RH INT – Brass – 85mm long – 1/4 NPT

BS341 No.3

BS341 No.4


G5/8″ LH INT – Brass – 85mm 1/4 NPT

BS341 No.4

DIN477 German Standard Cylinder Connectors

DIN477 No.1


W 21.8 x 1/14″ LH + PTFE Washer – Brass – 85mm – 1/4 NPT

DIN477 No1

DIN477 No.6


W 21.8 x 1/14″ RH + PTFE Washer – Brass – 85mm – 1/4 NPT

DIN477 No.6

DIN477 No.9


G 3/4″ + PTFE Washer – Brass – 85mm – 1/4 NPT

DIN477 No.10

DIN477 No.10


W 24.32 x 1/14″ RH + PTFE Washer – Brass – 85mm – 1/4 NPT

DIN477 No.10

CGA Standard Cylinder Connections

CGA 350


0.825″ – 14 NGO LH – Brass – 85mm – 1/4 NPT


CGA 580


0.825″ – 14 NGO RH – Brass – 85mm – 1/4 NPT


The most common solutions are shown above. If what you require is not listed, please submit an enquiry via the contact form linked below and one of our advisors will be in touch asap.

Vacuum storage kit


As Hycal probes are introduced into molten aluminum, the presence of atmospheric humidity becomes a potential source of hydrogen. Upon immersion, entrained moisture within the probe undergoes dissociation, yielding both hydrogen and oxygen. This extraneous hydrogen may lead to artificially high readings, so it is imperative that the probe is dry prior to taking a measurement.

Additionally, certain components of the probes are hygroscopic, thereby retaining water even after drying regardless of duration. Consequently, it is deemed prudent to proactively avert moisture absorption altogether.

The Hycal vacuum probe storage tube kit has been designed to address these specific requirements and comprises the following:

  • Outer vacuum tube / chamber
  • 3 x inner probe support tubes
  • Desiccant chamber with window
  • Vacuum pump and hose
  • End screw caps
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Bench / wall mounts

Probe Simulator


The Hycal probe simulator has been developed to speed up the process of system diagnosis / verification.

It can be challenging to diagnose faults when the system has multiple components (analyser, cable and probe) each of which could potentially be the source of a problem.

The hand-held battery-powered Probe Simulator when connected to the probe cable emulates the conditions of a healthy probe immersed in molten aluminium providing a stable output in terms of hydrogen concentration, temperature and impedance. 

In the case of a suspected fault or dubious reading, by replacing the probe with the Probe Simulator it can immediately be determined if the combination of the analyser and the cable yield accurate and stable results thereby isolating the cause of the issue to the probe alone.

If the fault were to remain then by exchanging the probe cable, it can be quickly determined if the fault resides with the analyser or the cable.


Trough Bracket


  • Allows Hycal to be hooked onto launder
  • Bolts semi-permanently into back panel
  • Adjustable top to suit launder width
  • Adjustable stand-off feet to level Hycal

Portable probe mount


Historically, it was not uncommon for dissolved hydrogen measurement equipment to be mounted directly at the edge of the launder. However, Hycal does not have any requirement for the analyser to be located close to the metal. Therefore, EMC advises against such practice where at all possible.

Reasons for keeping Hycal away from metal:

  • The analyser can overheat when close to the molten aluminium which may damage the equipment
  • Molten aluminium splashes droplets are very likely to land on the touchscreen rendering it inoperable
  • There is no technical advantage in doing so whereas other predecessor technologies need to be as close as possible to optimise response time.
  • Health and Safety and general wellbeing of operators.     

The portable probe mount below can be fixed at the point of measurement allowing the analyser to be placed a safe convenient distance away. Cable lengths of up to 20m are available.

EMC offers a variety of different brackets and mounting systems which may be customised to meet the end-users specific requirement.

If you have a specific requirement, please submit an enquiry via the contact form linked below and one of our advisors will be in touch asap.