Stainless steel conduit

Double-lock crush proof


Shielded conductors

Low noise for digital comms


Custom lengths available

Connector type options


Continuity / HV breakdown tested

Certificated / ISO traceable


Stainless steel double-lock conduit

3 x K-type TC conductors

3 x EEPROM conductors for digital comms

4 x conductors for analog probe signals

PTFE fluidic connection for purge  gas

2 x latching / push-pull 10-pin connectors

Rated to 200 deg C 

Probe connection cable

Probe cable straight

Probe extension cable

Custom lengths and configurations are available on request. However, the most common standards are listed in the table below.

Part Number Drawing Number DescriptionLengthDownload
HYC.CBL.LEN.012.6163B1640Probe connection cable1.2mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.020.6173B1640Probe connection cable2mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.030.6183B1640Probe connection cable3mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.050.6193B1640Probe connection cable5mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.080.6203B1640Probe connection cable8mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.100.6213B1640Probe connection cable10mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.120.6223B1640Probe connection cable12mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.150.6233B1640Probe connection cable15mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.200.6243B1640Probe connection cable20mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.012.6373B1650Probe cable straight1.2mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.020.6383B1650Probe cable straight2mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.030.6393B1650Probe cable straight3mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.035.6403B1650Probe cable straight3.5mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.050.6413B1650Probe cable straight5mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.080.6423B1650Probe cable straight8mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.100.6433B1650Probe cable straight10mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.120.6443B1650Probe cable straight12mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.150.6453B1650Probe cable straight15mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.200.6463B1650Probe cable straight20mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.030.6503B1655Probe extension cable3mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.050.6513B1655Probe extension cable5mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.080.6483B1655Probe extension cable8mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.100.6523B1655Probe extension cable10mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.120.6533B1655Probe extension cable12mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.150.6543B1655Probe extension cable15mAsset 3
HYC.CBL.LEN.200.6553B1655Probe extension cable20mAsset 3