Hycal Mini


The Hycal Mini analyser provides rapid, accurate measurement of hydrogen dissolved in molten aluminium and its alloys.

The Hycal Mini handheld analyser can be used to:

  1. Perform spot measurements to check melt hydrogen levels prior to casting
  2. Continuously monitor dissolved hydrogen levels
  3. Monitor a melt treatment to achieve a desired hydrogen level e.g. degassing
  4. Monitor the dissolved hydrogen in a Low Pressure Die Casting furnace

The probe provides simultaneous measurement of dissolved hydrogen and temperature. Hydrogen sensing is achieved by an electrochemical hydrogen sensor located in the probe tip.

Calibration is assured through individual calibration of each sensor in a precisely controlled hydrogen atmosphere, and through testing of each probe prior to shipment. The Hycal Mini analyser is a battery powered lightweight unit built with ease of use in mind.

The analyser automatically detects when the probe signal has stabilised. An integrated data logger allows recording of up to 100 readings. Sophisticated On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) continuously monitor the condition of the probe and inform the operator if a problem is detected.

Hycal Mini kit