Kevin Cain

Production Manager
EMC Hycal Ltd
Sep 1999 – Present · 24 yrs 1 mo

Responsible for the manufacture of sensor solutions for molten metal applications, combustion and atmosphere control and solid oxide fuel cell monitoring. Ensuring that all products achieve the high specifications and quality required by our customers and in industry in general.

ATCeramics Limited
Chief Production Officer
ATCeramics Limited
Apr 2009 – Mar 2011
Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Rayong 21140, Kingdom of ThailandEastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Rayong 21140, Kingdom of Thailand

On secondment from EMC Hycal Ltd / Henson Ceramics Ltd to set up a joint venture company, with the Thai National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). Responsible for the organising and overseeing of the decommissioning and exportation of furnaces, machines and materials from UK to Thailand.

Aircraft ArtificerAircraft Artificer
British ArmyBritish Army
Sep 1976 – Nov 1999 · 23 yrs 3 mosSep 1976 – Nov 1999 · 23 yrs 3 mos
Kevin completed his army career at the rank of Warrant Officer. His responsibilities included:

Commanding a squadron workshop section of up to forty technicians, supporting Lynx anti-tank helicopters and Gazelle multi-role helicopters.

Auditing aircraft maintenance documents for the computerised Feedback of Reliability, Workshop and Repair Data system.

Upkeep of all aviation workshop ancillary resources – Lifting tackle and overhead cranes, Paints / Oils / Lubricants, Tool store, Technical Publications, & Ground Support Equipment.

Organising, planning and ensuring successful execution and completion of aircraft scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and technical tasks.

The control, discipline, morale and welfare of maintenance personnel; writing their annual performance and personal assessment reports.

Applying the mechanical engineering skills utilized in scheduled maintenance, repairs, inspection and modification of aircraft and their associated equipment.