Proprietary PC software is included with each Hycal ‘kit’ as standard.

Devices Hycal Mk4, Hycal 100, Hycal 200 and Hycal 1000 are all compatible with the ‘Hycal PC Software’ whereas the Hycal Mini is only compatible with the less sophisticated ‘Hycal Mini PC software’.

For users that require a more granular level of traceability (such as recording the type of part, the furnace ID or perhaps the type of degassing operation), Index PC software may be more suitable.

In addition, to make life easier when using Hycal (when access to a PC is often not possible) EMC has developed a hydrogen solubility app for mobile devices (both iOS and Android).  

Hycal PC Software

Hycal Mini PC Software

Index PC Software

iOS Hycal App

Android Hycal App