Annual calibration is made convenient with Uni-cal – a Universal portable automatic calibrator, suitable for the full range of Hycal products including the legacy Alspek-H range. 

Instead of your equipment having to be sent to a service centre which carries the risk of delays and potential damage to your equipment, EMC have developed Uni-cal so this service can be carried out in-house at your convenience.

The Uni-cal is simply scheduled for delivery and, if required, support is offered (typically by video) during the calibration process. The Uni-cal is returned to EMC upon successful completion of this process.

The simple easy to follow menu guides the user through a number of tests which check every function of your Hycal device including the electrical signals and the gas system.

Upon completion, an ISO traceable certificate is downloaded from the Uni-cal and also uploaded to the EMC database.


Every effort has been made to simplify the process of making hydrogen measurements with Hycal.

A guided step by step process has been developed which caters for most production-use scenarios.

However, whilst the ‘front-end’ operation has been made as simple as possible, there is a significant amount of functionality in the ‘back-end’ which may not always feel intuitive.

EMC therefore offers both online and worldwide on-site training as required.

If you would like to learn more about training options please get in touch…


In keeping with our customers’ drive  to recycle aluminium wherever possible, EMC has procedures in place to recycle its consumables from its customers.

Whilst Hycal probes have a finite life, many of the components within the probe can be recycled. 

EMC offers a commercial incentive for its customers by repurchasing used consumables. 

Depending on location, returning the consumables can range from collection in person by a sales / technical representative or where this is not convenient EMC can arrange collection with one of its couriers and upon satisfactory receipt of the consignment a credit will be applied to the customer account.


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