The Heart of Our Technology

At the core of our cutting-edge technology lies the remarkable Hycal sensor. This innovative sensor boasts a patented solid-state reference, setting it apart from traditional technologies. The Hycal sensor can measure hydrogen without the need for an external hydrogen reference.

Key differentiator

Unlike legacy technologies, our Hycal sensor eliminates the need for a recirculating gas loop. Hydrogen is only required to come to equilibrium around the sensor within the probe. It is therefore unnecessary for the sampled gas to be circulated through the analyser which in turn  requires substantially less time for the equilibrated hydrogen measurement to be effected.

Extended Distance Capabilities

As the Hycal probe doesn’t need to be in close proximity to the analyzer, this flexibility opens up new possibilities for your hydrogen measurements. It allows measurements to be made in remote and hard-to-reach locations where the probe may be separated from the analyser by distances in some cases more than 20 metres.

Faster Measurement

The Hycal sensor’s design leads to quicker measurements.

Enhanced Accuracy

The Hycal probe provides unrivalled accuracy which can be conveniently verified by testing in-situ with a calibration reference gas.


Due to the rapid nature of the diffusion of hydrogen coming from the aluminium into the Hycal probe, there is no requirement for the probe to oscillate to encourage equilibrium. This in turn allows the Hycal probe to be deployed in static and even pressurised / sealed environments – such as Low Pressure Die Casting furnaces.


The Hycal sensor seamlessly integrates into automated systems (i.e. Hycal actuator), eliminating the need for manual handling.

Solid state reference

The patented sensor design employs novel materials which provide a hydrogen reference internally within the sensor eleminating the requirement for an external hydrogen reference gas or external gas measurement. The voltage developed between the positive and negative electrodes directly relates to the pH2, the partial pressure of hydrogen.

Functional performance




hours life

5 – 10

mins / test


ml / 100g accuracy