Protocol converters

The fixed-panel Hycal devices (Hycal 1000, Hycal 100, Hycal 200) may be fitted with a protocol converter to facilitate rapid integration with an existing PLC network. The most common converters are Profinet for Siemens PLCs and EtherNet/IP for Allen-Bradley (others are available on request). The converter is supplied pre-configured, complete with the necessary configuration file (GSD for TIA Portal, EDS for RSLinx), and register map. Documentation is available to assist with the setup process, which is usually complete within a few minutes. After establishing the comms link the PLC can completely control the Hycal measurement, optimising measurement integrity & probe life, and eliminating operator error.

The most common protocol options of EtherNet/IP and Profinet are displayed in the tables below.

If you require alternative protocols or technical support with the integration of Hycal devices into your network please contact support below.



EtherNet/IP protocolEtherNet/IP Slave
Modbus TCP protocolModbus TCP master
Data Rates EtherNet/IP10/100 Base-T Autosensing
Data Rates Modbus TCP10/100 Base-T Autosensing
EtherNet/IP connectorRJ45
Modbus TCP connectorRJ45
Power supply8...19V AC ; 8...35V DC
Operating temperature-40°C/+85°C (-40°F/+185°F)
Dimensions120x23x107 (DxWxH)
Weight200g approx
Mechanical fixingDIN Rail montage



Ethernet protocol (1)PROFINET
Ethernet protocol (2)Modbus TCP Master
Data Rates PROFINET10/100 Base-T Autosensing
Data Rates Modbus TCP10/100 Base-T Autosensing
PROFINET connectorRJ45
Ethernet connectorRJ45
Power supply8..24V AC; 12..35V DC
Operating temperature-40° to +85° (-40°F to +185°F)
Dimensions71x60x95 (DxWxH)
Weight200g approx
Mechanical fixing35mm DIN Rail montage